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Denver Downsizing Done Right: Upcycle, Donate, and Simplify Your Move

Denver Downsizing Done Right: Upcycle, Donate, and Simplify Your Move

Upcycling Your Furniture While Downsizing Your Home

Moving often feels like a chore, especially when it involves finding new homes for your "lovelies" — those cherished collectibles and items you adore but might not have enough room for in your new space. Here's how to navigate the process, making it less daunting and more rewarding.

The Three-Pile System: Simplify to Amplify

The tried-and-true three-pile system is your starting point: pack it, give it, or donate it. This method, a favorite among professional organizers, helps you decide the fate of your lovelies efficiently.

  • Pack It: Items that have made the cut and will adorn your new home. Pack them with care, using kitchen towels or linens to protect fragile pieces.
  • Give It: Consider gifting items to family members who've shown affection for certain pieces. It's a lovely way to continue the story of an item within the family, perhaps even becoming a cherished heirloom or a running joke.
  • Donate It: This pile might pose more of a challenge. Figuring out where to donate takes some thought and planning, but there are plenty of options. 

Donation Destinations: Where Your Lovelies Can Live On

  • Goodwill Donation Center: Schedule a pickup online at GoodwillColorado.org or drop off at the store located at 17722 S. Golden Rd. They're always a reliable option for various items
  • Vietnam Veterans of America: Great for clothing donations for all ages and sizes. Their drop-off site is at 2085 S. Sheridan Blvd. Denver 80227
  • The Action Center: Known for a wide range of donations including household items and more. Their drop-off center is located at 8755 W 14th Ave., Lakewood 80215 
  • CASA of Jefferson and Gilpin Counties: Ideal for kitchen items, children’s books, and clothes. These donations directly support children and young adults who are in the system or aging out without families to support or guide them. Give them a call at 303-271-6535 to coordinate a drop off for these young adults

The Art of Upcycling: Giving Old Furniture New Life

Upcycling is an exciting way to repurpose your furniture, turning scratches and dents into a beautiful second chance. Mid-modern furniture and antiques are particularly popular for upcycling projects.

  • Freecycle.org and Facebook Marketplace: Perfect platforms to list furniture for free or find items to upcycle.
  • Furniture Flippers: A Facebook community dedicated to upcycling furniture. Joining can connect you with individuals passionate about giving old furniture a new lease on life.
  • Habitat ReStore: Offers a great way to donate furniture, with the added bonus of knowing your items will help support a good cause.

How I Can Help: Your Local Realtor in the Golden Area

As a Realtor in Golden, my role extends beyond just buying and selling homes. I'm here to connect you with services that ease the moving process, from professional organizers to estate sale companies. If you're contemplating a housing change in Golden, a sought-after area with limited inventory, I'm here to ensure your transition is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Remember, downsizing and moving don't have to be overwhelming tasks. With a strategic approach to sorting, donating, and upcycling your lovelies, you can make the process rewarding. Allow me to guide you through optimizing your move, ensuring you step into your new home with only what truly brings you joy and fulfillment.

Reach out for more details on upcycling or organizing your move. Give me a call now at (720) 626-9747.

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